Add a vintage value to the Kishu Umeshu

This plum wine is made from Nanko plums cultivated at Yuzuru Yamamoto Farm, soaked in white liquor and matured at low temperature for more than 10 years.

An amber coloured vintage Umeshu that shows the character of the plums of each year

2007, 2009, 2011... The different shades of amber of each vintage show the character of the plums of that year. UMESHU THE AMBER, is a premium plum wine that is not a matured or old wine, but a vintage to enjoy the character of its age.

For a special occasion, for a special person.
A perfect design for a gift.

The white label that surrounds the bottle has a plum pattern made of stencilled paper, a part of the Kishu culture. The amber liquid, coloured over time, peeps through the fine patterned window. It is a special design to be savoured while enjoying the amber colour. Why not give UMESHU THE AMBER to someone special on a special day or for a special occasion?

Nanko plums from Yuzuru Yamamoto Farm are matured at low temperatures to create a mellow, whiskey-like taste.

This authentic plum wine is made by pickling Nanko plums grown at Yuzuru Yamamoto Farm with less agricultural chemicals and maturing them slowly at low temperature for more than 8 years. It has a rich, mellow, whisky-like flavour. This is a unique vintage plum liqueur that you will not find anywhere else.


“It comes in a wooden box, with a finely patterned label and has a beautiful amber colour.”


Yuki, Kikisakeshi (sake sommelier)

"'I wonder if it's because the vintage? It was the first time for me to compare different vintages of liquor, and I was very pleased with it.”

Eric, sake sommelier

“Drinking such an exquisite bottle of Umeshu is really a waste, but isn’t it more wasteful if I haven’t drunk it? With this thought, I have been treasuring every single drop of it.”

Tomy, Wine expert


Nakano BC is a sake brewer in Wakayama, a major ume (Japanese apricot) production area, and has been making umeshu (Japanese plum wine) using familiar ingredients such as Nanko-ume. Nakano BC's plum wine is highly acclaimed and won the first prize in the "Tenma Tenjin Plum Wine Contest", a competition for the best plum wine in Japan. He is well versed in the use of different types of sake and the skills he has acquired allows him to create new ways to make sake. Nakano BC aims to create value-added products while sincerely addressing the "deliciousness" demanded by drinkers, and pursues a higher grade of sake brewing that attracts many drinkers with its refined technology.


This amber-coloured premium plum liqueur series allows you to compare vintage plum wines of different maturation periods. The sophisticated design, which incorporates the plum pattern of katagami, a part of Kishu culture, makes it the perfect gift for a special occasion or for someone special.

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