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KURAND 2021 Spring Festival Lucky Bag

Between February 12th, 2021 (Monday ) ~ February 28th,2021 (Sunday), we will be selling the "KURAND 2021 Spring Festival Lucky Bag", filled with KURAND's original products. This year, you can choose from three plans: 松(Matsu)・竹(Take) and 梅(Ume) Our lucky bags contain some of the rarest sake from KURAND, each is very expensive when purchased alone, we also provide new year special edition sake that can ONLY be purchased with the lucky bags. If you purchase any plan, you would also get a special "KURAND's New year present" ---- A discount coupon that can be used on your next purchase. Not all lucky bags are the same. Even within the same rank, there might be some alterations. Some bags come with 50% off compare to the original price of the products. Quantities are limited, so be sure to try your luck in the new year.

Event period: February 12th, 2021 ~ February 28th, 2021 Last order before: Sunday, February 28, 2021, by 23:59

※1,800 ml bottles are not included in this event.
※Please note that the quantity is limited, there might be cases of sold out.
※Free shipping on all orders. ※Please note that the types of product in the lucky bag are pre-chosen


Vintage but fresh. A supreme bottle of sake that combines flavors that have never before been encountered

You can enjoy a new, contradictory flavor that you have never experienced before: vintage but fresh. By maturing freshly squeezed sake for a long period in sub-zero temperatures of -5°C, the freshness and the mellowness of the sake due to maturation are perfectly coexistent. FRESH VINTAGE 2018 Wakayama Yamadanishiki" has a full and elegant sweetness derived from the sake rice that spreads in the mouth.

Wakayama Prefecture, Junmai Ginjo
Rich and sweet taste, 16% alcohol by volume

<Regular price: 780 HKD>


Adding a vintage value to Kishu Umeshu

This is a series of amber-colored premium Umeshu that allows you to compare vintage plum sake with different aging periods. The sophisticated design has won several international awards in the past. The plum pattern stencils are one of the Kishu cultures. This is perfect for special occasions or as a gift for someone special.

Wakayama Prefecture, Plum sake,
alcohol content 20% ※Special set of 3 bottles.

<Regular price: 1,340 HKD>

SHIEN (Purple glaze)

Sensual, luxurious, and glamorous queen of plum wine

The full-bodied aroma is accompanied by an exciting sourness and richness. It has a sensual taste that captivates you when you drink it. This is a very precious and glamorous queen of plum wine, made by using twice as many aromatic and rare "Purple Queen" plums as usual and maturing them for more than 15 years.

Wakayama Prefecture, Plum Wine,
8% alcohol by volume

<Regular price: 1,600 HKD>


Authentic chestnut Shochu liqueur made by a brewery from Tochiki prefecture with the sweet and savory taste of chestnuts.

HOKKURI is a premium, authentic chestnut shochu made from locally grown chestnuts, all picked and selected by hands. The long-term aging process brings out the mild sweetness and deliciousness of the chestnuts, resulting in a rich and refreshing taste. Please enjoy it with sweets for an elegant moment.

Tochigi Prefecture, Shochu,
alcohol content : 30%

<Regular price: 520 HKD>


Fragrant roasted black beans A lingering fragrance that lasts forever

This is a very luxurious roasted black bean shochu made with black beans grown in Hyogo, Japan's top producer of black beans. The aromatic and rich aroma swells up, and the mellow aftertaste lingers in the mouth for a long time. Why don't you try relax and enjoy the healing once a while?

Hyogo, Shochu, alcohol content : 30%

<Regular price: 520 HKD>

New Year's gift

For the New Year's gift from KURAND, we will enclose a coupon worth 750HKD~1,500HKD, which can be used at the KURAND online store. It's sure to make your future shopping more fun!