TEHAJIME is the perfect first drink for those who are new to sake. It is characterized by its low alcohol content, refreshing sweetness, and citrusy fruitiness. We might say, this product is “the closest thing to sake”. It is a forbidden fruity rice wine that will bring people to fall in love with the taste of sake.


Sake for first-time sake drinkers

TEHAJIME, the sake to drink before entering the sake world, is an original product planned and developed in collaboration with Fukunishiki brewery in Hyogo Prefecture. The Japanese word "Tehajime" means "the first step". That's why we named it TEHAJIME and we wish it is the first sake for anyone who has never drunk sake before. We hope that by drinking TEHAJIME, people will discover the appeal of sake.


Low alcohol content of 8 degrees.

The alcohol content of sake is generally 16 to 18 degrees, but TEHAJIME has achieved a low alcohol content of 8 degrees by using a unique brewing method. TEHAJIME is a unique type of sake created by the advanced brewing technology of Fukunishiki.


100% Junmai sake from Kasai City

TEHAJIME is a junmai sake made with rice from Kasai City, the home of Fukunishiki. As you taste the new type of sake that they created, please enjoy the rich and yet refreshing flavor from the rice and water of Kasai city.


“If you have already tasted sake before. Then do not think of this one as a sake when you drink it. I was amazed by its surprising flavor. The feeling is quite unlike sake, there's a sweetness in it. Maybe due to the low alcohol content, the refreshing taste makes it easy to drink. It is a 'Rice Wine', but I wouldn't categorize it as sake. More like an adult beverage.”

Yuki, Kikisakeshi (sake sommalier)

"'It will change your concept of sake' I was told, and when I drank it, it was a truly inspiring encounter. Is it really sake? It has a mouthfeel that makes you wonder if it's really sake, and the aroma is soft and sweet and sour, like a cherry rolling around on your tongue. Rather than pairing it with a meal, I recommend this sake as a casual bottle that can be enjoyed like wine.”

Eric, sake sommalier

“As the name implies, this is a sake for beginners and those who are not familiar with sake. The sweet and sour taste and the low alcohol content of 8%, make it quite easy to drink. The balance between the fruity sweetness and the slight sourness is very good. It is very light and easy to drink without getting tired.”

Tomy, sake sommalier


Located in the center of the Banshu Plain, Japan's largest sake rice production area. the Fukunishiki Sake Brewery was established in 1839. It is a small but faithful sake brewer. Since 1992, all of their sake has been made from pure rice, and since 1996, all of their production are using 100% rice grown locally in Kasai City. Their ambition is honest and pure "To create a sake that is loved by the locals". The sake‘s color is slightly mineral-blue and its acidity is smooth from fermentation. The consistent and heartfelt taste is proof of the love of rice and the love of rice.


Junmai-shu rich sweet taste.

alcohol content 8%

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