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About shipping and mailing

About the delivery method of the goods況

Not accept the designation of individual logistics companies Please know而開箱,請悉知。

※In case of special circumstances, if it is not possible to deliver goods from our warehouse according to the scheduled schedule, our company may take the action to reserve or cancel the delivery. Our customer service center will contact you at that time進行聯繫。


ECMS tariff table reference) 

ECMS freight(¥)
1 1,655 11 5,890
2 2,080 12 6,605
3 2,360 13 8,260
4 3,225 14 8,685
5 3,515 15 8,965
6 3,950 16 9,830
7 4,385 17 10,120
8 4,875 18 10,555
9 5,310
10 5,600


About the number of days required for delivery

 During the holidays, customs may also take a vacation. Depending on the week of the shipping date, the number of days required for arrival will also vary. In addition, there may be some delays due to other matters related to customs clearance. Please understand.敬請諒解。

about delivery fee

The total weight of the goods refers to the weight of the product itself and the weight of the packaging materials such as cartons. The weight of the goods with larger capacity may be calculated by the volume weight of the carton.」的方式去計算。


Regarding tariffs, import taxes, tariff handling fees續費

Customs duties and other import taxes and customs clearance fees may be levied on the purchased goods. At that time, the consignee will be borne by the consignee. After the goods arrive, please pay directly to the logistics company or the customs. In addition, there are tariffs and customs clearance fees and other terms and policies. Please contact Customs consultation請向海關諮詢。