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What is KURAND?

 KURAND is an online liquor store that sells a variety of Japanese sake such as sake fruit wine and plum wine to consumers around the world. We hope that customers can experience and understand Japanese culture through Japanese sake.本文化。 

Are there offices and shops in Hong Kong?

In order to reduce costs so that we can provide the best wine at an affordable price, KURAND did not actually open a store in Hong Kong, but we will send the products directly from Japan to ensure the freshness of the products.新鮮度。

What service do we provide?

Customers can buy sake from Japan. Our product prices are the same as those in Japan. Compared with the Japanese sake purchased locally, it is cheaper. You can also find more seasonal and fresh sake that is not often available overseas.新鮮的酒。

What can I do if I want to buy wholesale?

Use the inquiry form to inquire about the wholesale business. We also supply and distribute goods的商品。

How can I modify or delete my personal information?

You can modify your personal information on my page. If you need to delete it, please use the inquiry form to contact us. We will try our best to meet your requirements力滿足您的要求。


Order processing and settlement

What is the payment method  

 We accept VisaMastercard and American Express credit cards卡。

Can I make any changes or cancel the order after the order is completed?

You can use the inquiry form to propose to modify the order. Modify the address or cancel the order. You will receive our contact later. Please note that changes and cancellations are only accepted within 24 hours after the order is completed.4小時內接受。

What currency is accepted, US dollar, yen, yuan, euro, etc.幣,歐元等)

Payment can only be made in Japanese yen。


Shipping and delivery

How much is shipping?

Please refer to the following page about shipping。

How many days does it take for the goods to arrive?

During festivals and holidays, the customs may take a vacation, depending on the number of days required for arrival on the delivery date. There may also be some delays due to customs clearance. Please understand.,敬請諒解。

Which shipping company to use?

We always use ECMS。

How to view the shipment tracking of an order?

We will provide shipping tracking information in the email. Just click on the link and you will be connected to the shipping company's page. However, it may take some time for the shipping tracking information to reflect the latest information.最新訊息。

Can the delivery address be different from the address on the invoice?

Customers can fill in different delivery and invoice addresses on the order page. Unfortunately, in some cases, customs clearance fees may be charged according to the delivery address.關費用。


Customs and duties

Will there be a consumption tax??

All products do not include Japanese consumption tax. However, some customs duties may be levied according to the regulations of your country/region些關稅。

Will there be tariffs??

In Hong Kong, Japanese sake does not impose any tariffs, except for whiskey and other alcohol with a high alcohol content of more than 24. According to the regulations of your country/region, not all goods need to be tariffed. Tariff matters are clearly managed by the transportation company. The transportation company may require customers to receive it. Pay any taxes when goods收商品時支付任何稅款。


After-sales service

What to do if the purchased product is damaged辦?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please take a picture of the damage on the product or packaging and send the photo to us through the inquiry form. After we evaluate the situation, we will ship or refund the payment貨或退還款項。

The replacement policy for the wrong order or any damage to the product

We will pay all costs for the return and send the product to you again for free你。
However, to ensure that we send the correct product, we will contact the customer to confirm more details信息。

I am very satisfied with this service How to recommend this service to others務?

Thank you for appreciating the services and products we provide. Customers can give us your feedback. This will provide reference for future customers.參考。
In addition, you can share your experience through SNS or comment on Facebook. We promise to continue to promote high-quality customer service to every customer戶服務!



Some wine bottles will say that they need to be kept refrigerated. Is this necessary and will affect the effective consumption date?效消費日期嗎?

This is actually a thoughtful tip from a sake brewer. All Japanese sake sold on KURAND is pasteurized, so you don’t have to store it in the refrigerator. You only need to keep the sake in a cool place until it is opened.至開封。