The one and only miraculous Umeshu.
Discover the secrets behind the professionals' rave reviews.

「Compare different vintage years 」


Comparing vintage years? You might think that we are talking about whisky or wine. But today we're talking about Umeshu.

And it's not just comparing different degree of maturity. 「UMESHU THE AMBER」 also allows you to compare the the character of each year's plums that were used to make them.

Along with it' s premium quality , This Umeshu has also won a silver award at the 「2021 Japan Package Design Competition」. Not only with an incredible taste, but also has an astonishing appearance.


  Let's start with the contents. This drink is made by Nakano BC, a sake brewer in Wakayama Prefecture, a major plum producing area. With their refined techniques, they pursue a higher grade of sake brewing that attracts many drinkers.

  Nakano BC's reputation is high and its competence is endorsed by the fact that it won the first prize in the first plum wine contest at the "Tenma Tenjin Umeshu Competition", a competition to be the best in Japan.

  It's a plum wine made by a brewery of this caliber, so expectations are naturally running high. Let's take a look how each process is done.

  UMESHU THE AMBER is made from Nanko plums, which are grown in Yamamoto farm in Minabe-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, using the Chitosan farming method, which means almost no chemical pesticides are used.

  The plums are then soaked in white liquor and slowly matured at low temperatures for over eight years. When it touches our palates, it is felt like an aged whiskey, plus a honey-like sweetness that lingers in the mouth.

  In the photo above, you can see that all three bottles have a beautiful amber colour, but they are slightly different in color. This is due to the age of the plums and the individuality of the plums.

  This is due to the age of the plums and their individuality. Each year's plum harvest has its own character, which affects the color and taste of the plum wine.

  UMESHU THE AMBER is made up of three different maturation periods: 2007, 2009 and 2011. We encourage you to take your time to enjoy each one, and to compare the three different aged bottles to feel the differences.

  The label design makes the best use of the colors. The motif is the ume (plum) patterns, which is one of the cultural elements of Kishu. Japanese people are familiar with the ume patterns which are used on a variety of products such as kimonos, ceramics, curtains, clothes and fans. The paper is decorated with plum blossoms and the petals are cut out to reveal the amber color of the plum wine.

  The design is elegant but not too flamboyant, and is sure to be a great gift for a loved one, a drink for an anniversary, or a way to spend precious time.


  The perfect evening with your loved one. A night out with someone special, finding your favorite bottle and drinking it in luxury. How romantic!

  As this is a vintage plum wine, the number of bottles available is limited. This is the only chance to experience the ultimate taste of plum wine that has been brewed over many years.

  Why not take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy this special vintage plum wine?


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